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Security Studies Series

The Security Studies Series consists of 10 booklets written in order to analyze NATO's transformation after the Cold War, the point of transatlantic relations, Turkey's perspective on security issues and the status of alliance relations, on the 60th anniversary of Turkey's entry into NATO.

Journal of International Relations

International Relations, the first issue of which was published in April 2004, is the printed and peer-reviewed academic publication of the International Relations Council (ICC) Association, which includes studies in the fields of international relations, political history, international law, security studies, diplomacy and international economics.


Panorama Portal, with the analysis, opinions and other studies to be produced by the experts of the subjects covered in IR and related academic fields of study, on the one hand, provides a new perspective to the academic discussions in the field, on the other hand, contributes to the information of the general public interested in international relations and provides education to those who are educated in the fields of MoH and IR. was created to provide resource support.


Security Encyclopedia is an online encyclopedia that incorporates concepts related to security in International Relations.

Other Publications

Our other publications.

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