Make Information True Again (MITA)

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10 months ago
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In today’s world, where the tools used to communicate and obtain information are radically changed and digitized, it is getting harder to determine the accuracy of information day by day. Especially systematic and coordinated (wrong) steering activities increase distrust in democratic institutions and cause them to weaken. Movements, since access to accurate information is a fundamental value in democracies, the main purpose of the MITA project is to train young people on methods of combating misinformation and manipulation in Turkish-American relations, and to strengthen democratic values by developing a culture of confirmation and critical thinking skills. Within the scope of the project, it is aimed to increase the awareness of young people about disinformation by developing their critical and analytical thinking skills and to combat disinformation in this way. In addition, informing the public about Turkish-American relations and NATO, contributing to the development of confirmation culture and accuracy control in the society, and raising awareness about current developments such as the Russia-Ukraine War and the expansion of NATO, where disinformation is intense, are among the outputs of the project.

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