Reflections on Turkish Foreign Policy: Insights from the ISA Conference

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3 months ago
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The International Relations Council of Turkey (IRCT) recently facilitated two engaging panels at the International Studies Association (ISA) conference, held at the Hilton San Francisco Union Square. The sessions illuminated the evolving landscape of Turkish Foreign Policy through a historical lens, marking out the constants and variables over a century of change.

The first panel, titled "Relationality in Turkish Foreign Policy: Regions and Powers," included distinguished scholars such as Lenore G. Martin, Ozgur Ozdamar, Balkan Devlen, and Sinem Açıkmeşe. The experts delved into regional intricacies and the interplay between Turkey and influential global powers.

Later in the day, "Relationality in Turkey's Foreign Policy: Thematic Approach" panel offered a thematic dissection of the subject. Chaired by Sinem Açıkmeşe, the discussion was enriched by the perspectives of Binnur Ozkececi-Taner, Alpaslan Ozerdem, Haldun Yalcinkaya, and Meltem Muftuler-Bac.

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